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ISAT 2.0 Testing Helps

Why Standardized Tests?

Standardized tests are for anyone who is in a group who wants to show what they know compared against a standard of measure for everyone in that group. Whether it’s a drivers’ license test or a college entrance exam. Maybe it's to earn a certification for employment or professional license. Regardless of when you will participate in a standardized test, becoming comfortable with a testing environment is important. It’s great to learn the skills of coming in cool and calm, using scrap paper that’s provided to write down key formulas or mnemonic devices you used to memorize important information, as well as putting the importance of the exam in perspective—realizing it’s great to show what you know but your success on the exam doesn't predict your personal value or life success. Also, the importance of try, try again. That’s why we encourage all our students to enjoy the testing process, plan for it and prepare—while not feeling the pressure of “high-stakes testing.” Come and show what you know. Take some time to become familiar with the style of questions in these practice exams.

Idaho ISAT Students and Family Resources

Go to this website, choose your grade level, and then choose ELA (English Language Arts) or Math. Then select the Practice Test (multiple choice) or Performance Task (open-ended, typing questions).