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What we offer:

  • Tuition-Free Schooling within Bonneville School Dist. 93
  • Chromebook provided
  • Individual support from all staff in the school
  • Parents - Learning Coaches - mentored by BOES teachers and principal
  • Community support from experienced school-at-home Learning Coaches
  • Intervention tutoring for students who need it, provided by BOES teachers
  • Highly regarded, researched-based curriculum choices
    • Lion Pride Learning which includes Edgenuity, Accelerate, or K12
    • Overture Learning
    • District 93 Curriculum options
  • Supportive assessment experiences for district and state testing
  • Wednesday Activities: fun experiences combined with purposeful social and emotional mini-lessons
    • Music, PE, robotics, holiday parties, field trips, community presentations, and more!

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Zoo Field trip- students got to interact with the animals and each other

Testing- We had a great turnout for testing. Parents and teachers were able to access student's needs

Math Magician- Bob Bishop put on an assembly teaching strategies and passions for Math


Year two in our beautiful, historic building!  Grateful still for a place to gather, test, tutor, visit, laugh, cry, and learn.  Thank you to everyone who has made it possible-- D93 support departments and our amazing building secretary, Shalee Peterson!

Our continued focus on Online Lion PRIDE helped us grow our character as we strengthened our minds, and showed it!  Our School Wide Improvement Plan (SWIP) allowed us to expand what was possible when it came to participating in State Testing.  It could not have been possible without BOES parents, teachers, and the State Department of Education “Capacity Builder”, Kay Moor (retired 30 year classroom teacher and administrative veteran).  99% participation in the ISAT! Which allowed us to see our true proficiency rates in how our students show they have achieved grade-level growth (before, those who didn’t take the test were counted as below basic in their achievement).  It gave us a 10 percentage point growth in ELA and 5 percentage point growth in Math.  We now have a SOLID place to start our goal setting for next school year when it comes to grade-level achievement.

The power of positive relationships between BOES students and teachers showed strong gains for our students, especially those students who needed to do a little catch-up this year.  Mrs. Watson worked with many students online through Google Hangouts, students who weren’t afraid to ask questions or receive help.  Students who worked with dedicated learning coaches, in addition to receiving intervention help from Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Watson saw big gains, including many students who made more than a year’s worth of growth!  I celebrate the consistency and perseverance all our students (and learning coaches!) showed!

The success of our school year is not just measured by test scores.  The success of our school year is also measured by the difficulties we faced, the courage we developed, and the people we became.

At the beginning of this year I asked our Learning Coaches to use the BOES Learning Coaches’ Values and set their own goals.  I asked, “Imagine it’s May 31, 2019--the hard work is done.  Where do you want to be at? As a family? For your student?  Academically or Emotionally?”  

All Students Should be:

  • Able to Think Freely
  • Independent in their Learning and in their Work
  • Confident
  • Confident in their Writing/Composition Skills
  • Confident in their Reading Skills
  • Confident in the Math and Problem Solving Skills
  • Passionate about Learning
  • Able to Set and Accomplish Goals

Through these measures, I see a very successful year, for all of us! 

 Thank you again for your support and incredible work!  I appreciate you all so very much! Principal Shelley Andrus

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